Snowchange Cooperative

Fishing traditions & sustainability

Official Ambassadors for Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024

“Seining and other traditional fishing methods are a central part of our culture, and therefore, our food tradition. However, these traditions are endangered. Climate change and global market pressures are threatening the continuity of small-scale fishing. If the tradition breaks down, we lose an immense amount of valuable information about nature and coexistence with natural systems. It is about food security in the future. Cherishing fishing traditions is more important now than ever.”


Snowchange Cooperative is an organisation unlike any other in Finland or in the Circumpolar North – they are devoted to the advancement of Finnish fishing traditions and culture. Snowchange Cooperative holds the traditional knowledge, stories, handicrafts, fishing and hunting and other elements of the Finnish forest culture sacred. The cooperative’s young fishers are maintaining the seining tradition, which has been practiced in Lake Saimaa’s Puruvesi area for over 700 years. Through sustainable fishing, Snowchange Cooperative aims to promote the construction of a more sustainable food system for the future. Besides fishing, Snowchange Cooperative restores swamps and lakes and conducts research.

Tero Mustonen, President of Snowchange Cooperative, professional fisher and scientist