What is meant by the title ‘Gastronomy’ – do you mean only high-end cuisine?

No, Gastronomy here is used to refer to a holistic approach which includes agriculture and food culture relating to place, hospitality, eating, food production, food ways, food traditions and how one feels about their food.

What is meant by ‘Region’ – who can apply?

Region can be a province, country and/or other territory defined by the partner presenting the bid. It is important that the territory chosen has the support of multiple municipalities (not just one) and that it is able to gain support from multiple academic, third sector, public and private partners.

What are the starting dates and end dates if we bid for the European Region of Gastronomy – is it a full year of activities starting in January?

Since the European Region of Gastronomy is a bottom-up initiative, the regions will decide the starting time of the events of their European Region of Gastronomy year according to their schedule.

What happens after you have held the title of European Region of Gastronomy?

Beside the lasting legacy of the award, the region will have the option to remain in the European Region of Gastronomy network beyond the year of their title.

How many regions can hold the title each year?

Up to 3 regions will be selected each year by an external jury of experts. By holding the title the regions selected will act as ambassadors for the project and agree to collaborate with one another.

What is the title that will be awarded?

The awarded title will be the REGIONS NAME + EUROPEAN REGION OF GASTRONOMY+YEAR. This is similar to European Capitals of Culture and therefore the title can be used as a long-term legacy of the event and each region awarded the title for a year would be able to patent the title+year for posterity.