Food Film Menu

In Europe, the incredible diversity of food, food culture, food traditions and food knowledge has influenced cultural traditions, architectural and landscape heritage. As more and more people move to globalized diets it is vitally important to revalue and re-promote our European food as cultural heritage for future growth and development. 

The European Regions of Gastronomy Platform which currently consists of 10 awarded regions has identified Food Film Festivals and/or Film Festivals with a food component that would welcome new content and the opportunity to experiment with interactive audience engagement.

The project will involve a coordinating body representing the European Region of Gastronomy, a Food Film Festival/Film Festival, and a Film or Art Institute each participant. Each Institute will select and commission a young film director to produce a short film that highlights his/her respective region’s cultural and food heritage.

The Food Films will then be toured throughout the European Regions of Gastronomy and be featured in either:

  • dedicated food film festivals;
  • as a food section in film festivals;
  • as a cinema component in food festivals.

IGCAT will encourage that the films are accompanied by tastings and/or master classes that highlight regional products.

The project aims to support interactive and innovative ways of giving visibility to the European Regions of Gastronomy and to their food heritage, developing creative audio-visual content that could be shared and experimented between and for different audiences in food festivals and in the regions taking part.

The main objectives of this cooperation project are to:  

  • Promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works that have European food tradition as the protagonist.
  • Strengthen the capacity of Regional Food Film Festivals to operate trans-nationally and internationally.
  • Contribute to audience development by engaging in an innovative way to connect with new audiences and improve access to creative works that give visibility to the European Regions of Gastronomy and raise awareness of cultural and food diversity.
  • Provide a unique talent development opportunity for young film directors from different European countries and provide them the opportunity to access an international platform sharing ideas, contents, creativity, and work.
  • Increase innovation and creativity in the field of culture, by testing new business models that create partnerships with small crafts producers featured in the films, and collaborations with other sectors.
  • Give value to our common and diverse European food culture.

The project will give visibility to different actors which are around the food chain from production to consumption focusing on locality, sustainability and authenticity guarantying a cross-collaboration and dialogue with the audio-visual and the creative sectors.