The Region of Gastronomy Award provides credibility for regions, as it is given by an independent and international panel of IGCAT experts. The region is not awarding itself the title but has proven to a panel of experts that it has developed sufficient gastronomy related projects and programmes to merit holding the Award. The panel of experts is chosen by IGCAT’s board and aims to include experts from different fields of competence including tourism, culture, hospitality and agriculture. The experts are charged with not only assessing the regions’ bid to hold the Award but to support and nurture them in order to ensure that they are ready to undertake the challenges outlined in their bid book.

The Award provides the occasion for communities to work together towards a shared objective and, therefore ensures great benefits in terms of local cohesion.

Raising citizen awareness about the food they eat, the value of local products and the need to innovate in order to protect local produce are key areas of the programme. Therefore, the project is not just concerned with attracting visitors to the region but also in the longer-term benefits by educating for better and healthier lifestyles and supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).



the region´s distinct cultural and food assets internationally by giving visibility to traditional food ways


for development in the region through the regional stakeholder group

Build regional identity

and pride in local citizens with regard to distinct cultural and food assets

Support local economies

by stimulating public and private sector funding potential

Awareness of wider food issues

for healthy living and sustainability both through educational programs and wider citizen engagement projects

Focus on innovation and learning

to support smart growth and thus provide new skills and new opportunities for SMEs


the use, promotion and innovation of local food products

Environmental protection

and protecting biodiversity

Sustainable tourism

improving the quality of products and hospitality provision in the region