North Brabant 2018

Noord-Brabant is traditionally agrifood oriented. The strength of our province lies in the fact that we have been able to develop from a purely agrifood oriented region towards a multidisciplinary mosaic metropole with 5 large cities in strong cooperation, having high quality restaurants and a beautiful countryside just a stone’s throw away from these cities. Noord-Brabant stands for entrepreneurship, innovation and cooperation, all this in an atmosphere of mildness and hospitality.

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Dit beweegt Brabant (This moves Brabant), Provincie Noord-Brabant

Charlotte Wiesiolek is Open over ‘s-Hertogenbosch, VisitBrabant

Jacintha Verdegaal is Open over Brabant Celebrates Food, VisitBrabant

Booming Brabant on Omroep Brabant, Netherlands Public Broadcasting regional television broadcaster in the North Brabant Province (Dutch)