Slovenia 2021

SLOVENIA. GREEN. ACTIVE. HEALTHY. Slovenia is the only European country that connects the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the Pannonian Plain. It’s exceptionally diverse landscape and nature are tied to a colourful culture and gastronomy. Slovenian dishes are made with local ingredients, from produce grown in fields and gardens, to ingredients foraged in meadows and forests, salt harvested from Adriatic salt pans, honey made by native bees, wines from boutique sized vineyards to healthy mineral waters that became the focal point of world-renowned spas centuries ago. Slovenia is a green, healthy and active country. Diverse gastronomy is therefore part of its culture.

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Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomy Tourism 2019-2023

The Action plan for the development and marketing of gastronomic tourism 2019 – 2023 was created with the aim of identifying the key measures and initiatives needed to position Slovenia as a unique, boutique gastronomic destination. The document identifies five strategic areas, crucial for the successful development and marketing of Slovenian gastronomic tourism. These areas are: a) legislative framework, b) brands and quality assessment, c) promoting quality raising, d) education and e) marketing. Each strategic area is presented with a brief analysis of the situation and with a list of key initiatives / measures for upgrading the current state.

Marketing measures include:

  • definition of the vision of Slovenia as a destination for gastronomic tourism;
  • definition of marketing goals;
  • definition of target groups and key markets;
  • identification of major gastronomic products;
  • definition of the positioning strategy;
  • definition of market communication activities.

The three key objectives of the development and marketing of gastronomy are:

  • raising international visibility;
  • ensuring sustainability; and
  • creating added value.