Slovenia 2021 issues commemorative stamp

Slovenia 2021 issues commemorative postage stamp

8 June 2021 – A commemorative postage stamp of Slovenia, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2021 has been recently released as part of the celebrations of the region’s title year.

Issued by Slovenian Post, the stamp showcases local dishes arranged according to Slovenia’s Gastronomic Pyramid, the country’s food guide for a healthy and sustainable nutrition.

Slovenia was awarded the European Region of Gastronomy title by IGCAT based on its programme Taste Slovenia and its strong commitment to sustainability. Since then, the region has been working on a long-term strategy to position itself as a unique, boutique gastronomic destination through the Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomy Tourism 2019-2023.

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About the European and World Regions of Gastronomy

Candidate and awarded European and World Regions of Gastronomy, guided by IGCAT, are working together to strengthen food security through the celebration of distinctive food cultures; create employment by stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation; nourish children and adults through culinary and cultural education; drive environmental sustainability in tourism, hospitality and agricultural sectors; support balance and sustainable tourism practices; highlight and support expertise from within rural and urban communities, creating connections and sharing good practises; and contribute to community health and well-being.


IGCAT aims to empower local communities by raising awareness of the importance to protect and promote distinct regional food, culture, arts and natural assets as part of sustainable and balanced tourism and development strategies. This is essential to safeguard our planet, health, wellness and local economies.

IGCAT is a non-profit institute established in 2012, working with regional stakeholder consortiums in the fields of gastronomy, culture, arts and tourism. It counts on the expertise of a worldwide network of experts and works in partnership with specialised intergovernmental organisations.

IGCAT founded the European and the World Region of Gastronomy Award and is the official secretariat for the European and World Regions of Gastronomy Platform. Furthermore, the Institute has developed the European Young Chef Award, the European Food Gift Challenge, the Top Visitor Experience and the Food Film Menu.