Slovenia – the proud holder of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 title

Slovenia – the proud holder of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 title
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2 February 2021 – PRESS RELEASE BY THE SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD. Slovenia entered 2021 as the holder of the prestigious title of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 (ERG). The STB defined the development and promotion of gastronomy in the Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomic Tourism of Slovenia 2019-2023.

Activities are aimed at raising international visibility and strengthening sustainable practices in gastronomy. The pyramid of Slovenian gastronomy has been refreshed and typical dishes, drinks and ingredients for Slovenia have been defined.

In recent years, Slovenia has developed a respectable level of high cuisine and created a strong circle of gastronomic influencers. In terms of gastronomy, 2020 is marked mainly by the prestigious title of European Region of Gastronomy, within which Slovenia pursues the goal of maintaining or strenghtening the image of a foodie destination.

The European Region of Gastronomy project partners carry out the activities defined in the Candidacy Book, of course adapted to the situation. More than 40 projects have been identified, and new proposals are being made. In addition to the founding partners, more than 100 interested companies and individuals have supported the project to date. The goal of the ERG is also to develop and implement sustainable gastronomy in the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism. The green scheme has already been updated, and a call for the inclusion in the Green Scheme was recently published for catering providers and restaurants. They can obtain the Slovenia Green Cuisine label. The condition for obtaining the label is one of the international sustainability certificates (Green Key or L.E.A.F) and the signing of the Sustainable Gastronomic Commitment.

2021 puts a spotlight on gastronomy, as a main developmental and promotional theme of the Slovenian tourism. For this very purpose, a new presentation film for gastronomy will be launched. The STB will continue working with international gastronomic guides (Michelin, GM) and supporting activities for the Restaurant Week. Special attention will also be given to reducing the use of disposable plastics, both in restaurants and in the accommodation sector. The strengthening and development of local gastronomic brands will encourage even closer integration of agriculture and tourism with the aim of strengthening short supply chains. Communication support for the project will be focused on both domestic and foreign markets. The “My Slovenia” campaign is expected to be launched on the domestic market in February, and all partners of the ERG project and the general public will be invited to participate. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of local gastronomy and responsible food consumption, including waste reduction.

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