Developing New Skills within the Regions of Gastronomy Platform

In the framework of the 10th Regions of Gastronomy Platform meeting, hosted by South Aegean on the island of Rhodes on 26 and 27 January, a Sponsorship Workshop was offered to the members in the prestigious Regional Council Chamber, at the palace of South Aegean region.

Sponsorship expert and Public Relations consultant at Asset Ogilvy PR Athens, Alcibiades Siaravas led the workshop, offering his expertise to improve members’ skills in the search for financial support. The main aim of the meeting was to provide regions’ representatives with the basic, necessary tools to create a sound and effective sponsorship plan optimising time and resources.

Siaravas highlighted that sponsorship is an asset to a brand, stressing the fact that supporting companies expect an economic return on their investment. Thus, the need to create win-win situations in which both sponsor and supported organisation contribute to the achievement of each other’s goals. To this end, it is fundamental that both parties share similar values.

After a brief introduction to the concept of sponsorship, Siaravas illustrated the fundamental steps at the basis of every successful sponsorship plan, stressing the importance of an adequate preparation process, which will eventually lead to the actual sponsorship proposal. This process implies an attentive and careful analysis of both one’s own organisation and potential sponsoring firms aimed at identifying a common ground on which trusting, long-term relationships can flourish.

Following the suggestion of IGCAT’s President, Dr. Diane Dodd, attention focused on a specific initiative, the European Young Chef Award. Siaravas supported Platform members in the interesting exercise of applying his recommendations to the specific case, engaging them in a more informed discussion on possible sponsorship for the event.

Siaravas concluded the workshop offering Regions of Gastronomy two important tips: to always customise sponsorship proposals using creativity rules; and to work hard to present an attractive image of themselves.

The Regions of Gastronomy Platform and the European Region of Gastronomy Award aim to contribute to better quality of life in European and world regions, by highlighting distinctive food cultures, educating for better health and sustainability, and stimulating culinary innovation.

IGCAT – International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism – organises the award with the support of European institutions. IGCAT is an international interdisciplinary network of experts aiming to empower and facilitate local communities to realise the potential of their distinct food, culture, arts, sustainable tourism, and other local resources.