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Anni Korhonen

New Food Traditions

Official Ambassador for Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024

“For me as a hostess, the greatest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction arises, when I see our guests relaxed next to meat pots after their time exploring the spiritual nature and Finnish sauna. These are the moments that our guests take home with them and remember for the rest of their lives. For people and companies in the Saimaa area, it would be a great chance to show to the world how we live, eat and feel life by the lake shores. Finnish gastronomy and hospitality are so important to me that I can speak on behalf of them at every stage.”


Anni Inkeri Korhonen is the hostess of a wellbeing guesthouse, chef, kantele instrument performer, poet, singer, and organic farmer. She has been running the guesthouse Puukarin Pysäkki for ten years, creating her own food and service concept based on Eastern Finnish food culture. Her main aim is to offer the opportunity to connect with nature, culture, yourself, and your loved ones. Laughter and crying may be present with this hostess at the same moment, as she follows her daily motto: life-tasting like life!

Anni Inkeri Korhonen, Entrepreneur at Puukarin Pysäkki guesthouse