Diana Hounslow

Official Ambassador for Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2023

‘We are what we eat.’


Hauts-de-France culinary tradition is as warm, generous, genuine and unique as the men and women who populate this region. Our supporting, sharing, community values and our permanent quest for culinary perfection have quite naturally led us to the European Region of Gastronomy label. For a region that prides itself in obtaining national and international recognition for its landscapes, architectural heritage and efforts in the field of sustainable tourism; belonging to a network of European destinations that share the same values of healthy, responsible and creative gastronomy is for us a consecration.

Food is resolutely at the top of the list of holiday experiences that travelers to Hauts-de-France enjoy the most. The tourism sector aims to cultivate the creative use of regional produce, at home, in restaurants and sometimes in surprising pop-up places. From chip van to Michelin starred restaurants we develop local culinary experiences for every palate and every purse.

Diana Hounslow, Director of Pas-de-Calais Tourisme