Mikael Forselius

Official Ambassador for Trondheim-Trøndelag, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022

“In Trøndelag we enjoy the perfect conditions, at an unusually northerly latitude. Because of the currents we are able to grow things here that would not be possible if you were to go just a little further north. There are similarities to Champagne, which is famous for being the northern most area for growing Chardonnay. Trøndersk produce and seafood is little bit like that.

We are starting to be recognized as the most famous food producing region in the Nordics. We’ve had the best ingredients for 8,000 years, ever since people followed the wild reindeer to Trøndelag. But we are not just a producer, we are also a location where Michelin and Bocuse D’Or winning chefs settle down in order to be closer to history and products.”

Mikael Forselius, CEO Britannia Hotel