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Saimi Hoyer

Hospitality & Experiences

Official Ambassador for Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024

“The serenity in the wilderness of the Saimaa region has been hidden from visitors for too long. When I moved to Punkaharju, to my beloved childhood landscapes in Lake Saimaa, I decided to restore Hotel Punkaharju, our national treasure, to its former glory. During the years I worked as a supermodel in several of the world’s metropolises, I learned to understand what true prosperity is and what is truly meaningful for people.”


Saimi Hoyer is the owner of Hotel Punkaharju and the Queen of Mushrooms. After working internationally as a supermodel, she found her home in the wilderness of Saimaa. Saimi runs the prestigious Hotel Punkaharju, which is the oldest hotel in Finland still operating in the same place – since 1845. Hotel Punkaharju is a part of the multi-awarded Saimaa Gastronomy company network. She firmly believes in the grounding magic of Lake Saimaa and its pure offerings for all senses. For her, the biggest passion is mushrooms – she can’t help it, whenever she walks to the woods and finds delicious mushrooms for dinner – pure love is in the air.

Saimi Hoyer, Owner of Hotel Punkaharju