Timo “Sir Lintsi” Linnamäki

Gastronomy & Promoting Finnish Food Traditions Internationally

Official Ambassador for Saimaa, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2024

“The essence of food is in its flavor.”


Timo “Lintsi” Linnamäki is the owner and founder of the legendary Muru restaurant in Helsinki as well as Chairman of the Board of Muru Dining Group. The well-seasoned chef has worked in top restaurants in Helsinki and abroad for over 30 years, and as a restauranteur for over a decade. Through his international experience, he has developed a passion for French cuisine and its culinary joys. He has long experience in restaurant management and building networks through the delivery chain from the field and forest to the restaurant table. Besides delicious food, Lintsi is passionate about employee experience and its development in the industry. His mission is to promote and maintain Finnish food traditions and culture with the Michelin star restaurant Finnjävel.

Timo “Sir Lintsi” Linnamäki, Owner & Founder of Muru restaurant and Finnjävel restaurant