Local food underpinning Menorca’s economic recovery

Local food underpinning Menorca’s economic recovery

5 October 2020 – The rich gastronomic potential of Menorca, awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2022 by IGCAT, was celebrated at the Mostra de Cuina Menorquina (Festival of Menorcan Cuisine), successfully held from 18 September to 4 October 2020.

During 17 days, 23 restaurants from all over the island promoted Menorca’s food culture by offering special menus including both traditional and innovative recipes prepared with local seasonal products (see list of participating restaurants here).

The event aimed to delight the palates of a variety of audiences, as participating establishments had the chance to propose both a Menú Mostra (cheaper menu with a fixed price, including a starter, a main course and a dessert) and a more expensive Menú Gastronómico with varying prices and formats depending on the restaurant.

This year in its 11th edition, the Mostra contributed to revitalise the local food sector, strongly hit by the current crisis. An edition that “was harder to organise than the previous ones due to the difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic” affirmed José Bosch, President of the Restaurant Association of Menorca and organizer of the Mostra.

Thanking all the stakeholders involved for their efforts and highlighting both the large participation of restaurants and the excellent quality of their menus, he added that “Menorca’s tourist and gastronomic potential will be crucial to reactivate the local economy and place the island in the spotlight.”

President of the Regional Government of Menorca, Susana Mora declared that “the Mostra de Cuina Menorquina is an example of the strength of our society when we work together” and highlighted the importance of supporting synergies between local events and local products, made even more evident by the pandemic.

“Events like this are extremely important for the economic recovery of Menorca, as well as demonstrate a great effort and engagement in supporting local products” stated Miquel CompanyCouncillor for Economy of Menorca.

The Mostra de Cuina Menorquina was organised by the Restaurant Association of Menorca and the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), in collaboration with the Fundació Foment de Turisme de Menorca; the Hotel Association of Menoraca (Ashome); the Balearic Association of Gastronomy Journalists and Writers; Fra Roger – Gastronomy and Culture Association (all founding stakeholders of Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022); as well as Sa Cooperativa del camp, Cómete Menorca, Foodies on Menorca, Agroxerxa, and Elitechip. The event was sponsored by the shipping line Armas Trasmediterránea.

See the complete catalogue of the Mostra de Cuina Menorquina.

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