Coimbra Region awards its best food gifts for 2021

Coimbra Region awards its best food gifts for 2021

30 April 2021 – Nineteen quality food and food-related products from Coimbra Region, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2021-22, participated in a local competition to select the region’s finalists to IGCAT’s 2nd European Food Gift Challenge

Held at the Convento do Desagravo, in Oliveira do Hospital on 27 April 2021, the contest selected the best local food gifts from a vast array of regional delicacies and fine crafts products including traditional sweets, pastries, craft beer, cheeses, jams, olive oils, and traditional kitchen utensils.

Seven products were awarded in the following categories:

  • Most Creative BrandingPudim das Clarissa de Coimbra, from restaurant Cordel Maneirista;
  • Most Sustainable PackagingFlor de Sal from Figueira da Foz, by producer Casa do Sal in Figueira da Foz;
  • Best narrative – Coimbra’s regional sweet Crúzios from Café Santa Cruz, from Marques, Gonçalves & Pestana, Lda. of Coimbra;
  • Best tastingPera Passa by Sílvia Santos’s Produtos do Campo, from Oliveira do Hospital;
  • Best Promotion of the RegionPudim das Clarissa de Coimbra, from restaurant Cordel Maneirista;
  • Best Innovation on Traditional DesignPraxis Gift, from Cervejaria Praxis;
  • Best Contemporary Interpretation of Traditional Handicrafts Penacova Flower Sticks by producer Maria de Fátima Conceição Lopes.

Among them, 3 overall winners were selected to compete at the next European Food Gift Challenge, namely: the Pudim das Clarissa de Coimbra; the Praxis Gift; and the Penacova Flower Sticks.

The local jury included experts in the fields of gastronomy, tourism, marketing, design, arts & culture, environment & economy, and crafts: Chef João d’Eça Lima; Gonçalo Gomes from Turismo Centro de Portugal; Hugo Francisco from the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Coimbra; José Pacheco from the Higher School of Education of Coimbra / Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra; Raúl Mendes from the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Museum in Coimbra; Joaquim Felício from CCDRC; and João Amaral from CEARTE.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for the Valorisation of the Interior, Prof. Dr. Isabel Ferreira; the President of the Intermunicipal Council of the CIM Coimbra Region and President of the Municipality of Oliveira do Hospital, José Carlos Alexandrino; and the First Executive Secretary of the CIM Coimbra Region, Jorge Brito.

Organised by IGCAT, the 2nd European Food Gift Challenge will be held in Coimbra Region on 22-23 July 2021 and will gather top-quality products from across the European Regions of Gastronomy.

About IGCAT’s European Food Gift Challenge

IGCAT’s European Food Gift Challenge is a competition to award high-quality, artisanal food and food-related crafts gifts from the European Regions of Gastronomy. Through IGCAT’s European Food Gift Challenge, the European Regions of Gastronomy can support their local small- and medium-sized producers of traditional products, highlight the stories that link those products to the region, and give them international visibility.

About the European and World Regions of Gastronomy

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