The South Aegean shines at the Greek Cuisine Awards 2024

The South Aegean region shines at the Greek Cuisine Awards 2024

21 May 202432 out of the 85 restaurants awarded at the Greek Cuisine Awards 2024 are located in the South Aegean – European Region of Gastronomy 2019, making it the most decorated region in the competition and testifying to its strong commitment to support local food heritage.

Organised within the framework of the Toques d’Or institution (Golden Caps), the Greek Cuisine Awards are presented annually to restaurants across the country that serve modern and traditional Greek cuisine, evaluated according to strict criteria by the gastronomic team of Athinorama Magazine.

This year, the award ceremony took place on 14 May at Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki, and was co-organised by the South Aegean Region, which for several years now has been adamant in promoting modern Greek cuisine.

A significant moment of the ceremony was the awarding of a special prize to chef Giorgos Troumouhis from Noble restaurant in Rhodes, as a leading example in supporting the use of local food in modern Greek gastronomy. Together with his team – that includes chef Stamatios Misomikes, winner of IGCAT’s European Young Chef Award 2016, and chef Spyros Kougios, finalist from the South Aegean to IGCAT’s European Young Chef Award 2017 – chef Troumouhis researched and recorded the local recipes from the island and, on this basis, he developed an innovative Rhodesian cuisine, which has been consistently awarded the Toques d’Or in recent years (2022, 2023 and 2024).

In the same spirit, through its European Region of Gastronomy 2019 title the South Aegean has organised several local initiatives such as Aegean Mamas Know Best, to promote traditional island recipes to the general public and, especially, the younger generations; as well as participated in IGCAT’s international projects to promote local gastronomy, such as the European Young Chef Award and the World Food Gift Challenge. All initiatives through which the region seeks to contribute to the revival and reinterpretation of local cuisine in a contemporary key.  

Regional Governor of South Aegean, George Hatzimarkos, who was among those who presented awards, affirmed: “We are proud of the excellent presence for another year of the gastronomy of our islands [in these awards] and the recognition of the people working in our catering and production sectors. Congratulations to Athinorama that has consistently and devotedly highlighted the extraordinary wealth of Greek gastronomy for decades. From our point of view, the commitment to support this great fight to preserve identity, tradition and personality is stronger than ever,” while regarding the award to chef Giorgos Troumouhis, he said that those who know him see him as a real “teacher.”

The Greek Cuisine Awards 2024 awarded 25 restaurants from the Cyclades and 7 restaurants from the Dodecanese. Among them, Hellas restaurant in Rhodes run by chef Kyriakos Iakovidis and chef Eirini Georgoudiou, winner of IGCAT’s European Young Chef Award 2019.

The Greek Cuisine Awards 2024 provided a stimulus for the necessary renewal of the country’s gastronomy, urging restaurateurs and chefs to research, study and develop local cuisines, highlighting the culinary treasures that still remain unexploited. A message that clearly came through at this year’s ceremony, which began with the different delegations symbolically parading and holding placards with “forgotten” local dishes from their regions (such as codfish with pelt and garlic sauce from the Cyclades, or macaroni with onions and shiitake from the Dodecanese) as a reminder of the local rich culinary heritage that might get lost.

The awarded restaurants in South Aegean for 2024 include:


Noble Gourmet, Ξεν. “Elysium Resort & Spa”, Ρόδος, 15/20 pts.

Hellas, Rhodes, 14.5/20 pts.

Broadway, Kos, 14.5/20 pts.

Mylos By The Sea, Leros, 14.5/20 pts.

Mavrikos, Rhodes, 14/20 pts.

Paraga, Rhodes, 14/20 pts.

Ilias Tavern, Rhodes, 14/20 pts.


Selene, guest “Katikies Garden”, Santorini 15.5/20 pts.

Grandma’s, Ξεν. “Liostasi Hotel & Suites”, Ίος, 15/20 pts.

Petra Restaurant, Guest House “Canaves Oia Suites”, Santorini, 15/20 pts.

Ches, Host “Calilo”, Ios, 15/20 pts.

Varoulko Santorini, Guest “Grace Hotel Santorini, Auberge Resorts Collection”, Santorini, 15/20 pts.

Kenshō Ornos, Host “Kenshō Ornos”, Mykonos, 14.75/20 pts.

Marathia, Tinos, 14.75/20 pts.

Vassilenas Blue, Antiparos, 14.5/20 pts.

Efisia, Guest “Myconian Ambassador”, Mykonos, 14.5/20 pts.

Sunset, Syros, 14.5/20 pts.

Ithaka, Ios, 14.5/20 pts.

Cantina, Sifnos, 14.5/20 pts.

Qhera, Santorini, 14.5/20 pts., NEW ENTRY

Lady Finger, Host “Andronikos”, Mykonos, 14.5/20 pts., NEW ENTRY

Mario, Paros, 14.5/20 pts.

Black Rock, Host “Santorini Secret”, Santorini, 14.5/20 pts.

Bostani, Host “Verina Astra”, Sifnos, 14.5/20 pts.

Nōema, Mykonos, 14.5/20 pts.

Panigyri Restaurant, Santorini, 14.5/20 pts.

Rada, Host “Cove Paros”, Paros 14.5/20 pts.

FlyAway, “West East Suites”, Santorini, 14.5/20 pts.

Araklia, Heraklia, 14/20 pts.

It was a small boat, Tinos, 14/20 pts.

Thalassaki, Tinos, 14/20 pts.

Noa, Guest “Myconian Kyma”, Mykonos, 14/20 pts.

Main source and photo credit: South Aegean Region Press Office

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