Menorca 2022 advocates for fair gastronomic criticism

Menorca 2022 advocates for fair gastronomic criticism

7 September 2022 – With the aim to drive gastronomic criticism based on fairness and respect for diversity, Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022 will host the 1st Congress of Gastronomic Journalism, on 7-9 October 2022.

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Organised by the Association of Gastronomic Journalists and Writers of the Balearic Islands, the conference will gather local, national and international professionals in the sector to reflect on many different aspects of gastronomic journalism.

The event will promote a debate among chefs and professionals from the hotel and catering industry with an innovative twist: the presenters will be the journalists and writers, rather than the chefs. The general public will also be allowed a participative role and the possibility to interact directly with the authors, therefore providing the reader’s perspective.

This 1st Congress of Gastronomic Journalism will focus on two main themes:

Females in Gastronomy, drawing attention to the lack of female presence in the media, both as writers and professionals in the restaurant industry. An attempt will be made to defend the role of pioneering female figures in the sector throughout time, as well as to highlight the daily work of unpaid female cooks and their legacy in terms of anonymous family recipe books passed down from generation to generation.

Gastronomic Self-criticism, exploring different aspects of gastronomic writing, gastronomic criticism, the phenomenon of influencers and social networks, the lack of independence associated with media groups and sponsors, as well as the support for sustainability and circular gastronomy, with special emphasis on Menorca’s leadership in these areas.

Ultimately, the event is hoped to contribute to raise awareness of the importance of regional gastronomic and cultural uniqueness, education for a healthier diet, circular gastronomy, as well as sustainable tourism standards to strengthen community wellbeing. To this end, after the conference all speakers will be invited to sign the Menorca 2022 Declaration, stating the importance of ethical principles in gastronomy.

As an outstanding example of international collaboration, journalists and writers have been invited to participate from all other awarded European Regions of Gastronomy, including: Hauts-de France 2023 (France); Trondheim-Trøndelag 2022 (Norway); Coimbra Region 2021-22 (Portugal); Slovenia 2021; Kuopio 2020-21 (Finland); South Aegean 2019 (Greece); Sibiu 2019 (Romania); North Brabant 2018 (Holland); Galway-West of Ireland 2018 (Ireland); Aarhus-Central Denmark 2017 (Denmark); East Lombardy 2017 (Italy); Riga-Gauja 2017 (Latvia); Minho 2016 (Portugal); and Catalonia 2016 (Spain).

The organising committee is headed by gastronome Pep Pelfort and journalists Bep Allès and Andoni Sarriegi, all members of the Association of Journalists and Writers of the Balearic Islands.

The 1st Congress of Gastronomic Journalism Conference is organised as part of the official programme of Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy 2022 with the support of the Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca and the Department of Culture, Economy and Territory of the Island Council of Menorca. Furthermore, it counts on the financial support of the Association LEADER Isla de Menorca through FEADER funds provided in the framework of the Rural Development Programme of the Balearic Islands.

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