Menorca is boosting synergies between agrifood and tourism

Menorca is boosting synergies between agrifood and tourism
Photo credit: Fundació Foment de Turisme de Menorca

12 January 2023 – Ten food producers from Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2022 have been selected to receive specialised training and mentoring to develop new visitor experiences and integrate them into their business offer.

Launched by the Spanish Secretariat of State for Tourism through SEGITTUR for the Smart Tourism Destination Network, this pilot project is aimed at supporting a sustainable diversification of the tourist products on the island, as well as revitalising the local primary sector.

The selected producers include: Bolets de Menorca (mushrooms), Pont Modorro (olive oil), Binissaida (olive oil), Dolçamar (honey), Binitord (wine), Santo Domingo (organic vegetables), S’Ullestrar (organic vegetables and peanuts), the Fishermen’s Association of Ciutadella, Sa Roqueta (cheese), and ISafrà (saffron). All of them have previous experience in organising visitor activities and will get the chance to upgrade and improve their offer.

The initiative was presented to the press on 12 January 2023 in Madrid in the framework of FITUR, and coincided with the 30th anniversary of Menorca’s declaration as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The event was attended by Menorca’s Director of Tourism Promotion and European Funds, Laura Ruiz; Menorca’s Director of Economy, Pilar Pons; Director of SEGITTUR, Olga Pérez.

Three of the ten producers who are taking part in the project (Bolets Menorca, Dolçamar and Sa Roqueta) were also present and explained the new visitor experiences they will develop in the framework of SEGITTUR’s project. Unique, surprising, entertaining and enriching, these initiatives will allow visitors to explore the rural authenticity of Menorca.  

Laura Ruiz and Pilar Pons highlighted that the pilot project will serve to strengthen the island’s commitment to sustainable tourism, by creating all-year-round, environmentally- and socially-friendly experiences, as well as strong synergies between tourism and the primary sector.

A presentation video of the ten participating producers was projected at the event and attendees had the opportunity to taste several agri-food products from the island.

The first meetings between SEGITTUR’s experts and the selected companies started in November 2022 and, since then, several visits and personalised sessions have been organised to support the producers in designing new visitor experiences. The training process will last until March 2023.

SEGITTUR’s initiative in Menorca is supported by the Fundació Foment del Turisme de Menorca and the Department of Economy of the Island Council of Menorca. The pilot project involves further territories in Spain belonging to the Smart Tourism Destination Network: the Sidra region (Principality of Asturias), El Goierri (Guipúzcoa, Euskadi), the Sierra Norte (Community of Madrid), and Guadajoz (Andalusia). SEGITTUR is the Spanish Secretariat of State for Tourism’s tool to drive innovation and technology in the tourism sector.

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