Trondheim-Trøndelag to host Bocuse d’Or Europe 2024

Trondheim-Trøndelag to host Bocuse d’Or Europe 2024

29 March 2022Trondheim-Trøndelag awarded European Region of Gastronomy 2022 by IGCAT will host the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2024 competition. The announcement was made in Budapest during the 2022 championship, held on 23-24 March.

“Trøndelag is one of the country’s most exciting food regions, with a variety of products, producers and restaurants with local food on the menu” affirmed Kristian Dahlberg Hauge, Director of Industry, Transport, Climate and Environment at the Municipality of Trondheim.

“Bocuse d’Or Europe in 2024 will be used to strengthen the visibility of Trøndelag’s products, producers and restaurants on the international market. Now the industry hopes this will inspire more people to choose food subjects” Dahlberg Hauge added.

“We have good role models in our food industry” said Kristine Rise, Project Manager at Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke, who hopes that having the international spotlight on Trøndelag will lead to better recruitment in the sector. “Our region is an attractive place to work and live when food is what you are passionate about” concluded Rise.

To support the selection, Bocuse d’Or stated that “Trondheim is a promising international gastronomic capital.” They also acknowledged the focus of the application on the outstanding resources of Trøndelag in terms of nature, producers and restaurants.

“We will make a final that is «best ever». But we must remember who we are. The Trøndelag model is based on strong collaboration between raw material producers and processors. It all starts from the bottom up. That is the very basis for success,” affirmed Tore O Sandvik, Mayor of Trøndelag County.

“We are proud of what we achieved, but it is important to emphasize that Norway is the organizer of Bocuse d’Or 2024. Trondheim is the host city, but this is an important event for the food community throughout Norway” added Sandvik.

“It is a great honour that Trondheim will be able to arrange the Bocuse d’Or Europe in 2024. I have been a participant myself and now also a coach. I’m really looking forward to showing Trondheim as a host city” stated head chef of Speilsalen at Britannia hotel, Christopher Davidsen.

At Bocuse d’Or 2022, Davidsen was the coach of Team Norway that obtained the 3rd place, after Denmark (1st place) and Hungary (2nd place).

Together with France, Norway is the most winning Bocuse d’Or nation. Christopher Davidsen got the silver medal in 2017, which has contributed to boost the cooking community in Trondheim. Bocuse d’Or has given Norway, Norwegian seafood and Norwegian chefs a significant position in the international gastronomy environment.

Enjoy the video of the Bocuse d’Or 2024 announcement!

Source: Ole Jacob Hoel, Adressa

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